Unrefined cold-pressed pumpkin oil

 pumpkin oil

The pumpkin seeds are extremely useful due to the significant levels of antioxidant substances in unsaturated fatty acids. The pumpkin oil is perfect for marinades, dressing, fish dishes, pasta, salads and pasta sauces.

The pumpkin seed oil is useful for:

  •       metabolism normalization;

  •       atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease;

  •       diseases of the bladder and prostate cancer;

  •       reducing the risk of chronic inflammation;

  •       diseases related to disorders of lipid metabolism (obesity, psoriasis, herpes, dermatitis, eczema);

  •       chronic liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease);

  •       treatment of acute and chronic gastritis, heartburn;

  •       removal of toxic substances from the body;

  •       maintaining the elasticity of the arteries and skin.

When applied externally, the oil contributes to better skin regeneration, improves skin appearance, giving it a healthy glow.


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