Unrefined cold-pressed walnut oil


walnut oil

The walnut oil is a great way to maintain youth and beauty. It can be applied to the skin to relieve dry skin and remove wrinkles. This oil also nourishes the skin, allowing it to stay longer soft and supple. It is used as protection against sunburn and improves and maintains a healthy complexion. The walnut oil has rejuvenating, regenerating and toning effect, it is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin silky smooth. Thanks to the content of Omega-3 fatty acids, the walnut oil is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, for reducing the risk of cancer, for the treatment of inflammation processes, eczema, etc.

It is also used in cooking:

  •       added to the dough it gives a more exquisite aroma of baked goods, cakes and pastries

  •       perfect for salads with fresh vegetables and a variety of cold sauces

  •       gives a unique taste of the grilled meat if you put it on it before roasting.

  •       essential for oriental dishes and French gastronomy

  •       main food for people who observe religious fasts and for vegetarians.


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